Picking up yo girl like

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Tell people you love them. Every single human is on a different part of their journey responding to personal experiences to the best of their ability. If it matters that you’ve crossed paths, be honest in letting them know you are aware of their presence and express how they make you feel. Why what they said hurt you, or made you smile, or feel itchy all over. Because one day 23 years might turn into 9 months, and it will hurt so much deeper when you realize you never got around to cutting her hair, even though you promised, and now there’s no way she’ll ever know the real reason why you kept “forgetting.”

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There’s no way to get a fair warning when 23 years (and forever to go) with someone important in your life is about to get microscoped into 6-12 months; you especially wont get it before you’re left with only a spontaneous 9. Tell people you love them. Always.

Despite the awful flashbacks to 2009, I can’t stop listening to Lollipop by Lil Wayne.


Makes Sense to Me


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